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The National Archives of Fiji was first established in 1954 as a Branch of the former Colonial Secretary’s Office and under the name Central Archives of Fiji and the Western Pacific High Commission. It was a joint depository for the records of the Government of Fiji and of the Western Pacific High Commission. The Central Archives gained departmental status in 1966. When Fiji gained independence in 1970 all the records of the W. P. H. C. and those of its territorial governments were transferred to a new Archives and the Central Archives and the Western Pacific High Commission was renamed the National Archives of Fiji.

The National Archives of Fiji is the official repository for the permanent records of the Government of Fiji and of materials printed and/or published in Fiji. The duties and responsibilities of the Archivist in relation to these records are defined in the Public Records Act, Cap 108 and the Libraries (Deposit of Books) Act, Cap 109.


• Ensure the safe custody and proper preservation of public records
• Make these records available to Government for reference purposes and to members of the public.


  • Evaluate public records, select, and take into custody for proper preservation those of administrative, legal, informational and historical value
  • Authorise the destruction of those public records, which are of no enduring value .i.e. those records which hold no historical, informational, legal and administrative significance
  • Arrange, describes and publicizes records held to facilitate easy retrieval and promote scholarly research among them
  • Safeguard the integrity of public records by ensuring their proper security and safe custody and by promoting their better preservation
  • Enables access of these records to government and the public where appropriate
  • Provides advisory services to Ministries and Departments on matters relating to the safe custody of public records.


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